Чт, 01.10.2020, 23:10

Payment for legal services in cash.

You will be able to pay for the provision of legal services solely on the basis of the current contract, according to the invoice to our bank account.

If you are an individual, we offer you to pay for our services through the cashier of PrivatBank, so paying for our services in this bank - you will not pay any commission for such payments, this part of the payment we took on ourselves.

Non-cash payment for services.

At the moment of signing the contract we will provide you with all our current bank details, with which you will be able to pay for the provision of legal services.

Payment for the provision of services in parts.

We give our Clients the opportunity to pay for services in parts, while the total cost of services does not change.

To pay for legal services in parts - you need to inform us about this desire, after which we will make adjustments to the contract by setting the schedule and the amount of such payments.

According to the established schedule, you will receive by mail the receipts with requisites and the amount to be paid in any branch of PrivatBank, or with the help of other banks.

Payment by bank card.

You can make payments using VISA or MasterCard.

Payment for services with deferred payment or installments.

We can provide our Clients with the right to pay for services in a different mode than it usually does. But this right is partly exclusive and is implemented extremely rarely due to certain risks. But if all the same you decided that you need it - contact us, we will discuss this issue personally.