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Welcome to the official website of the international law company

Oleg Gajduchok & Company™!

Our Company provides a wide range of legal services to Ukrainian citizens, foreigners, businesses and entrepreneurs who need professional legal support, protection of their rights and interests.

Lawyers of our Company are highly qualified specialists in the sphere of corporate, criminal, civil, insurance, family, inheritance law.

Our Company is a client-oriented company whose activities are aimed at maximum satisfaction of the existing and potential needs of our Clients.

Our mission

From the moment of creation to the present day our Company is engaged in providing high-quality legal services for an affordable, competitive price, while our Clients receive a high level of service and constant legal support.


Our Company strictly adheres to the highest standards of ethics in the provision of services to customers, which apply to similar services in the countries of the European Union, guided by the relevant EU Directives.

Our principles

Independence, responsibility, fairness, honesty, legality, efficiency, timeliness.

Our slogan

We know - we act!